Business Center Services

The library offers a variety of services to help patrons carry out their personal business.

Free Computer and Wi-Fi Access

Desktop computers and Chromebooks are available for in-library use.

Wi-Fi internet access is available for use with your own devices

Fee-based Printing/Copying

Black and white: $.10 per page 

Color: $.50 per page

Fee-based Faxing

Sending: $1.00 for first page, $.10 for each subsequent page

Receiving: $1.00 per page 

The library’s fax number is (432) 426-2225. Please ensure the sender includes your name on the fax.

Fee-based Laminating

$1.00 per page 

Free Document Scanning

Includes scans to flash drive USBs or email

Free Notary Services

Available during regular business hours, Monday-Friday. All real estate documents require an appointment. For all other documents, kindly call ahead to ensure availability of the notary.

Please read the following to ensure everything goes smoothly: 

  • Do not sign or date documents beforehand. All documents must be signed and dated in the presence of the notary.
  • Bring a valid (not expired) government-issued photo ID for each person seeking notary services. All signatories must be present at the time of notarization.
  • Bring all documents needing notarization. 
  • Ensure all documents are in English. 
  • Ensure all documents are complete, ready for signature, and include a notarial certificate of acknowledgment.
  • If your document requires witnesses other than the notary, you will need to bring witnesses along with you, as library staff cannot serve as witnesses.  Each witness must have a valid photo ID and should be personally known to the individual seeking notary services.
  • Please note that notaries are not lawyers and are prohibited from providing legal counseling or advice on how to complete or interpret documents presented for notarization.

For any additional questions or concerns regarding our free notary services please do not hesitate to reach out to a staff member.

Virtual Connection Room

The Virtual Connection Room is a private meeting space for virtual meetings or small, in-person meetings (2-3 people max). The room features a desktop computer with Microsoft Teams and Zoom virtual meeting capabilities.

The Virtual Connection Room is ideal for: 

  • Telehealth appointments - see below
  • Online counseling/therapy appointments 
  • Virtual meetings 
  • Legal consultations 
  • Online testing
  • Virtual job interviews 
  • Small in-person meetings (2-3 people max) 
  • Study space

The Virtual Connection Room is available by reservation only during regular business hours, Monday-Saturday.



In addition to a computer and specific lighting designed for virtual meetings, the Virtual Connection Room has various medical equipment to assist patrons in carrying out telehealth appointments. These include a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, scale, and touchless thermometer.

Patrons can schedule telehealth appointments with their existing healthcare providers if the physician offers telehealth services. We’ve prepared a document to help patrons explore telehealth options with their physicians.

In addition to appointments with your regular physician, patrons can access telehealth support through a partnership with SaferCare Texas, a program at UNT’s Health Science Center. This service is best utilized for stop-gap medical advice until they can be seen by their regular provider. Most insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid.